OCEAN IN A DROP – broadband impacts on rural India

Great capturing of all those strong gutsy women on film.

Sue Green (Melbourne, AUS)
We are very impressed with this movie, we never thought that a movie about our village can be made. Thank you very much for this.
Anju Yadav (Haripur GUNA MP INDIA)

The strength of these women is formidable! I look forward to seeing more and sharing so that these women’s stories can be heard and seen.

Janice Carter Slater

The women are stunning, beautiful and have so much dignity, it’s hard to hear about the way they are treated and “classified” in some of the tribes. And it gives you hope they will come out on the other end. The family preserving traditional music are so beautifully portrayed.

Monika Wunderer Jouvert (NY, USA)

I have never imagine that India have such amazing people that talks heart to heart about removing racism, castism and gender inequalities. It is amazing to see Indian guy speakers in the video embracing the thought of supporting women’s role in India and also to promote equality and harmony by taking away the barriers of race and cast, while focusing on real work and intelligence.

Mindy Wong (Melbourne, AUS)

So well filmed and with compassionate characters…  overall, the segments had a lovely feel and look about them, and I liked the low-key way the stories and information is revealed. Great stuff.

Lesley Branagan (INDIA)