Synopsis – OCEAN IN A DROP


Ocean in a Drop describes the impact the internet is having on India’s rural & tribal communities; a silent revolution. Governments aren’t being overthrown, something more long term and subtle is emerging. A film about the entrepreneurs, community leaders, youth and children who are making this happen – India’s own internet avant-garde.

Ocean in a Drop is an Australian and Indian co-production, a collaboration between Andrew Garton’s Secession/Films and the New Delhi-based Digital Empowerment Foundation. The film peers through the lens of the Foundation’s vast fieldwork, reaching the poorest communities with broadband technologies and digital literacy, yielding surprising and entirely unexpected outcomes.

Ocean in a Drop is a window into the lives of ordinary people, many of them in villages where the web, Google and Facebook have arrived well before anyone has laid eyes on a TV.

Duration: 1 hr, 15 mins